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Working on set to produce a festival takes resilient, creative and hard working people. We are searching for both a pre production and an on site team. 


Whether it be for a few days, weeks or a month, join our team and meet new friends, share your ideas and learn new skills. Every individual makes a profound contribution to the production. What are your strengths and where can they be applied in the festival? What inspires you? What new skills do you want to learn?

We are searching for help in following fields

looking to participate in vOrtex Open air?

Each year homegrown brands from across the city set up shop where they display all manner of eccentric apparel, unique accessories, quirky jewellery and art. 

We are seeking out the most creative and imaginative local brands to participate. Promote your start-up and join the Design Market.

Vortex Open Air is looking for creative and imaginative individuals to join our team. We are welcoming designers, vendors, event industry enthusiasts and volunteers to be a part of  the festival. 


Applications are now open for those who are interested; read on for specific participant details.


Set design

Sound and visuals


On-site staff 

Merchandise sales


First Aiders


Applications must be sent before 1st of June.

 designers and vendOrs 

Applications must be sent before 15th of May.

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